Free Workshop: A2E2 - Administrators Accelerate Excellence in Education

If administrators in charge of student academic success engage in adapting and adopting high quality instructional materials and adjusting curriculum for in-school, rolling closures and/or full time virtual learning, then the district’s mission, vision, and values remain intact and all stakeholders in the department/campuses continue a culture of continuous improvement.

Session Topic



Responsible Party

Expected Outcome

Session 1:

Aligning goals to curriculum, resources, and teaching and learning for in-school and/or virtual instruction

How to use data and previous goals for planning for continuous improvement for 2020-2021

Think about your long- term goals and what you are collecting for baseline data

Think about your goal for the end of the 20-21 school year

Materials needed for session:

District Plan

Campus Plan


Administrators will:

Review and revise 3-year goal if needed- Record

Review and revise 20-21 goal if needed- Record

Identify short term goals- what, how, when

Identify process and methodology for aggregating and disaggregating student performance data

Review beliefs, philosophy and determine non-negotiables

Session 2:

Planning for gaps in resources and curriculum for in-school and/or virtual

Identifying assessments/tools for student performance

Priorities, Measures

Think about:





Materials needed for session:

District Plan

Course of action for alignment or template for alignment check


Administrators will:

Determine early successes with non-negotiables

Identify priorities

Identify possible unintended consequences or potential issues with the non-negotiables

Identify a process and template for alignment check

Select tools/indicators to use to measure student growth

Session 3:

Identifying tools/indicators for deployment and implementation of adapted / adopted curriculum and


Deployment/ Implementation

Think about deployment and implementation of new strategies, resources, virtual learning

Materials needed for session:

District Plan

List of assessments


Administrators will:

Identify/ Select tools/indicators to measure deployment and implementation of new processes, curriculum, (virtual) and/or in-class

Review Professional development plan-

Deployment / implementation

Identified new needs

Session 4:

Analyze Student Data


Book Selections to Promote Diversity


Administrator will:

Review and discuss

District Assessment Inventory:



Embedded in Curriculum

Formative Assessment support

Organize data

Identify what will be considered successes and opportunities for improvement

Session 5:

Monitoring and Adjusting

Student Performance


The Design for Responsive Literacy Framework


Administrators will:

Plan actions based on student performance analysis, campus administrator and teacher input

Review data on fidelity of deployment and implementation of new processes, resources and/or strategies to drive improvement

Monitor implementation of professional development as identified beginning of the year and adjust based on new information

Session 6:

Using Data for Improvement

Conferring with Readers & Writers


Administrators will:

Analyze current data with respect to students in-school, virtual, and hybrid

Provide support framework for professional development for first day back in January based on data and needs assessment

Session 7:

Study results to inform needed adjustments in curriculum, resources, and or delivery for February, March, April, and May



Administrators will:

Analyze data for first 5/6 months

Plan, adjust, adapt, or rewrite plans for Jan/Feb based on data as it relates to in-class, virtual, hybrid and any other group(s) determined by district

Develop and/or update plans based on monitoring data

Session 8:

Reflect, analyze for needs assessment

Intermediate Guided Reading


Administrators will:

Analyze data

Analyze data by student groups including in-class, virtual, and hybrid

Review data on professional development

Review survey results

Determine What worked/what did not work

Determine processes to be examined for department/campus standardization; abandonment, and/or continue with tweaking process