Free Workshop: Huddle Up!

Whether your district is face to face, online, or hybrid, we know there are instructional strategies you and your teachers are curious to learn more about. Join us for one, or all eight, of the virtual sessions and go into Fall 2020 ready to help your teachers with confidence!

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Date & Time

Session Topic

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Sept 8 @ 9am

Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning in Workshop Structure

Sept 10 @ 1pm

How to Keep Your Mini-lesson Mini

Sept 14 @ 9am

Phonics & Word Study Online Instruction

Sept 16 @ 1pm

Book Selections to Promote Diversity

Sept 22 @ 9am

The Design for Responsive Literacy Framework

Sept 24 @ 1pm

Conferring with Readers & Writers

Sept 28 @ 9am


Sept 30 @ 1pm

Intermediate Guided Reading