Reading Rescue: Accelerating Comprehension with Reciprocal Teaching

Do your students need a comprehension and reading boost? Join literacy consultant and best-selling author, Lori Oczkus, for a practical and engaging webinar on the “Fab Four” (Oczkus, 2018) or reciprocal teaching strategies (Palinscar & Brown,1986). When you teach students to comprehend using the evidence-based, reciprocal teaching strategies- predict, question, clarify, and summarize students begin to make dramatic reading gains up to .74 (Hattie, 2008) in just a few months! Whether you are new to reciprocal teaching or are already a fan, come see the science of reading comprehension in action! Lori will share dozens of new low prep/high yield ideas based on her work in classrooms and her popular book Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Powerful Strategies and Lessons for Improving Reading Comprehension 3rd ed (foreword by John Hattie ASCD, 2018) Participants will engage in proven lesson ideas to use tomorrow with any text during lessons with the whole class, guided reading groups, or student led book clubs. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to change the way your students read!

Choose the session tailored to your level K-2 or 3-6 or attend the entire action-packed day!

* Although you do not have to have Lori's book, Reciprocal Teaching at Work to be successful in this workshop. It is recommended. A link to purchase is found below the registration information. *

Session Information


AM Session: Wednesday, October 26th 8:30 am CST- 11:30 am CST

PM Session: Wednesday, October 26th 12:30 pm CST- 3:30 pm CST




$89 per session or $178 for both sessions

K-2 Session: Comprehension for Little Kids

  • Little kids enjoy talking so it’s natural that they love participating in the Fab Four, a discussion technique that strengthens comprehension using any text. Build foundational comprehension skills using a variety of hands-on tools to engage young learners. Learn ideas for supporting ELL and striving readers!
  • Participants will learn
    - Practical ways to engage students during interactive read alouds and guided reading
    - 7-minute “Go-To” close reading lessons with informational text and poetry that boost fluency too
    - Engaging ideas for using a mini-lesson menu for predict, question, clarify, and summarize
    - How to use a tool kit of scaffolds including interactive charts, gestures, bookmarks, and characters
    - Ways to use fiction and informational text discussion prompts


Wednesday, October 26th 8:30 am CST- 11:30 am CST


$89 per session or $178 for both sessions

3-6 Session: The Upper Grade Reading Vitamin

  • Many intermediate students could use a reading vitamin boost to help them catch up. Accelerate literacy and motivation for all students using reciprocal teaching discussion techniques. Learn practical ways to start NOW using informational texts, novels, articles, a reading series, or poetry. Learn ideas to support older striving readers and ELL students.
  • Participants will learn
    - Ways to guide students in accountable discussions for a rapid gain of .74 or two years’ growth
    - 7 minute “Go-To” low prep lessons for close reading with informational text and poetry
    - Ways to use bookmarks and foldables to guide student discussions and keep track of student progress
    - How to deepen comprehension with menu choices for each strategy-predict, question, clarify, summarize
    - Ways to use fiction and informational text discussion prompts


Wednesday, October 26th 12:30 pm CST- 3:30 pm CST


$89 per session or $178 for both sessions

Lori Oczkus is a literacy coach, author, and popular speaker across the United States and internationally. Tens of thousands of teachers have attended her motivating, fast paced workshops and read her practical, research-based professional books. Lori has extensive experience as a bilingual elementary teacher, intervention specialist working with struggling readers, and staff developer and literacy coach. Lori demonstrates and coaches in classrooms virtually and in person to promote dramatic comprehension growth. Lori has been inducted in the California Reading Association Hall of Fame for her many contributions to the field of reading in California and internationally. Researcher John Hattie endorsed Lori’s work by writing the foreword of her book, Reciprocal Teaching at Work 3rd ed. (ASCD and ILA co pub, 2018).

Learn more at her website.

In this fully revised and expanded third edition of the bestselling Reciprocal Teaching at Work, Lori D. Oczkus provides both tried-and-true and fresh solutions for teaching reading comprehension.

Reciprocal teaching is a scaffolded discussion technique that builds on the Fab Four strategies that good readers use to understand text: predicting, questioning, clarifying, and summarizing.

With a focus on these four evidence-based and classroom-tested strategies, Oczkus presents new ways to use reciprocal teaching to improve students' comprehension while actively engaging them in learning and encouraging independence. Appealing to students and teachers alike, reciprocal teaching encompasses social aspects of teaching and learning with modeling, think-alouds, and discussion.

This helpful guide is packed with fresh material, including

  • More than 40 new and updated step-by-step lessons and minilessons that reflect current thinking and best practice.

  • Dozens of rich suggestions for diving into informational texts.

  • Updated research and relevant results that show the effectiveness of reciprocal teaching.

  • Creative and targeted tips that capitalize on the specific benefits of whole-class settings, guided reading groups, and literature circles.

  • Ideas for differentiating instruction for struggling readers and English language learners.

  • New and newly designed support materials, including reproducibles, posters, bookmarks, and a lesson planning menu.

With a wealth of ideas to get you started—and keep you going—this is the all-inclusive resource you need to help students become active, engaged, and independent readers who truly comprehend what they read.