Teaching Reading Across the Day

This full-day, interactive, online institute led by author Jennifer Serravallo is based on her new release with Corwin: Teaching Reading Across the Day. In this institute, she’ll teach nine effective, predictable, research-based lesson structures participants  can use whether teaching English language arts, science, or social studies in grades K-8. Through explanation, activities and videos, attendees will learn the pacing and structures of each lesson type, as well as high-leverage, research-based practices that are important across all lesson types such as building vocabulary and knowledge, incorporating responsiveness, making appropriate text choices, and keeping students highly engaged. Throughout, Jen will connect to the science of teaching reading—sharing key research studies and replicated findings—and also speak to the art of teaching—honoring teachers’ craft and decision-making.

Learning intentions:

During this institute, we are learning how to bring effective literacy practices into all content areas, how to build knowledge and content across the day, and how to use high-leverage lesson structures to maximize effectiveness and engagement. 

Success Criteria:

I can…

1. Identify purposes for nine lesson structures (read aloud, phonics and spelling, vocabulary, focus, shared reading, close reading, guided inquiry, reader’s theater, and conversation).

2. Visualize how various lesson structures will work with the specific grade level and subject area(s) I teach.

3. Plan an engaging lesson using a provided lesson template.

4. Apply strategies to keep students engaged during lessons.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of how to incorporate vocabulary instruction and intentional knowledge building within each lesson type.

6. Make informed choices about which texts to use for which lesson structures and purposes.

7. Learn how to, when planning, anticipate ways I may respond to students during lessons, and learn how to make in-the-moment decisions to respond to students aligned to lesson objectives.

8. Cite key research findings that undergird the recommendations in the institute.

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Session Information


Wednesday, November 6, 2024

9:00AM CST- 3:00PM CST



*Can't attend the virtual live session- Recording will be sent to all who register, and will be available for ONE week, post workshop. *



*Price does NOT include book. Book is recommended for workshop.

Who Should Participate?

Teachers of Grades K-8, literacy coaches, reading interventionists,
school administrators, professors of education, school librarians, curriculum coordinators, ELA supervisors.

Jennifer Serravallo is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Reading Strategies Book and The Writing Strategies Book, which have been translated into Spanish, French, and Chinese. These and her other popular books and resources help teachers make goal-directed responsive strategy instruction, conferring, and small group work doable in every classroom. Her newest titles are Teaching Writing in Small Groups, A Teacher’s Guide to Reading ConferencesUnderstanding Texts and Readers, and the assessment and teaching resource Complete Comprehension for Fiction and Nonfiction.

Jen is a frequently invited speaker at national and regional conferences and travels throughout the US and Canada to provide full-day workshops and to work with teachers and students in classrooms. She is also an experienced online educator who regularly offers live webinar series and full-day online workshops, and is the creator of two self-paced asynchronous online courses, most recently Strategies in Action: Reading and Writing Methods and Content.

Jen began her career in education as an NYC public school teacher. Now as a consultant, she has spent the last fifteen+ years helping teachers across the country create literacy classrooms where students are joyfully engaged, and the instruction is meaningfully individualized to students' goals. Jen is also a member of Parents Magazine Board of Advisors for education and literacy. 

Jen holds a BA from Vassar College and an MA from Teachers College, where she has also taught graduate and undergraduate classes.

Follow Jen on X (@jserravallo) and Instagram (@jenniferserravallo), learn more from her website/blog: www.jenniferserravallo.com, and join the Reading and Writing Strategies Facebook Community.