WIN hosts numerous professional development workshops throughout the year to provide teachers with content and skills to strengthen their credentials. We bring the best published professionals in their educational fields directly to you!


Many of our virtual live workshops are turned into on demand workshop, thanks to the author's we work with. When registering for an on demand event, complete the registration form as usual. Once payment is received, the recording will be sent to those registered and available for one week.

Patterns of Power

Patterns of Power Grade level workshops, led by the Patterns of Power authors. This recorded half-day sessions will walk attendees thorough the Patterns of Power process by showing and then having them apply the process. The workshop will take them through all of the invitations, and include time to share additional resources from the PoP book. 

Available  3 hour sessions:

Patterns of Wonder, PreK-1 with Whitney LaRocca

Patterns of Power, Grades 1-5 with Whitney LaRocca

Patterns of Power Español, Grades 1-5 with Caroline Sweet

Patterns of Power, Grades 6-8 with Travis Leech

Patterns of Power, Grades 9-12 with Travis Leech

Patterns of Revision, 3-5 with Whitney LaRocca

Patterns of Power STAAR with Jeff Anderson, Whitney LaRocca, & Travis Leech

Patterns of Power Admin (1.5 hours) with Jeff Anderson & Whitney LaRocca

$95 per 3 hour session / $50 for 1.5 hour session

Reading Rescue: Accelerating Comprehension with Reciprocal Teaching with Lori Oczkus

3-6 Session: The Upper Grade Reading Vitamin (3 hours)

Many intermediate students could use a reading vitamin boost to help them catch up. Accelerate literacy and motivation for all students using reciprocal teaching discussion techniques. Learn practical ways to start NOW using informational texts, novels, articles, a reading series, or poetry. Learn ideas to support older striving readers and ELL students.

Participants will learn
- Ways to guide students in accountable discussions for a rapid gain of .74 or two years’ growth
- 7 minute “Go-To” low prep lessons for close reading with informational text and poetry
- Ways to use bookmarks and foldables to guide student discussions and keep track of student progress
- How to deepen comprehension with menu choices for each strategy-predict, question, clarify, summarize
- Ways to use fiction and informational text discussion prompts

Choose the session tailored to your level K-2 or 3-6 or both for a full 6 hour session. 

$89 per session or $178 for both sessions

Email to talk customized PD options.