Alissa Crabtree, M.Ed.

Instructional Leadership, Collective Efficacy, Professional Learning Communities, Collaborative Teaming, Instructional Coaching, Strategy Instruction, Backward Planning for Learning, Teacher Clarity with Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, Student Engagement, Secondary RLA Workshop, Book Clubs 

I am a passionate advocate for educators worldwide, dedicated to empowering them with the knowledge and tools they need to create lasting change. With a remarkable 16-year tenure in the field, I have gained extensive exposure to a wide array of instructional strategies, district and campus initiatives, and professional development opportunities.

My journey has allowed me to discern what truly makes a difference. Above all, I firmly believe in the tremendous power of nurturing teacher and student efficacy. For the past nine years, I have focused my career on coaching teachers, administrators, and district leaders, cultivating an environment where both educators and learners can unleash their full potential.

My coaching approach is simple yet highly effective: it is a collaborative journey, not a one-and-done experience. Together with leaders, teachers, and stakeholders, we delve deep into the organization, carefully analyzing areas for growth. We then establish clear and attainable goals that serve as guideposts along the path of progress. Throughout this transformative process, I facilitate dynamic learning experiences, consistently tracking the development of both students and teachers. I understand that adaptability is key, so I am always ready to pivot and adjust our course when needed.

Collaboration lies at the heart of my coaching style, as I firmly believe that everyone involved must have a crystal-clear vision of the coaching process to maximize its potential. Together, we will paint a vivid picture of growth, instilling a sense of purpose and drive in each individual, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

In my free time, you will find me kayaking, reading, or creating online content for instructional leaders everywhere. I reside in the Houston area with my wonderful husband, daughter, and dog, Frankie.