K-12 Literacy: Balanced Literacy, Guided Reading, Small Group Instruction, Explicit Vocabulary Instruction, Writer's Workshop, Conferring with Writers, Metacognitive Strategies, STAAR Reading and Writing Strategies, Active Engagement Strategies, Systems and Structures, and Coaching, Lesson Design, and Feedback. 

      Highlight of Services: Professional Development | Balanced Literacy | Writer's Workshop | Reader's Workshop | Interactive Read-Alouds | Alignment of Written, Taught, and Tested Curriculums | All Things STAAR School Leadership On-Site Support with Effective Systems & Structures: PLC Protocols | Lesson Design | Data Analysis Protocols | Curriculum WritingAction Planning | Role Playing | Literacy/Data Walks | Modeling Lessons Coaching & Feedback | Active Engagement.

    As an experienced professional with diverse abilities, I have had the pleasure of serving teachers, students, and administrators in one of the largest, most progressive, urban school districts in the country: Dallas Independent School District. My work of school improvement has ranged from supporting campuses with the greatest opportunities to those of the highest achievement. The common thread was and is maximizing all students’ potential by improving teachers’ practice through collaborative means.With a laser-like focus on current trends in literacy research, professional development, content and pedagogy, coaching and feedback, data gathering and analysis, along with action planning, I have successfully helped to build capacity in campus leadership teams. This effort resulted in improved student performance year after year. In addition to fulfilling my passion and purpose of serving schools, I enjoy family, reading, church, traveling, shopping, decorating, and movies—to name a few.