Balanced Literacy, Guided Reading, Writer's Workshop

Balanced literacy has been my primary focus for several years. I have created and implemented a plan for districts that will have all teachers trained and using balanced literacy in their classrooms with fidelity. I believe that all children can learn to read when the right programs are in place. No two children learn the same; therefore, differentiation is the key to meeting each child’s academic needs. I have spent a great deal of my professional career researching and formulating successful plans in order to support readers and ensure student literacy success. I have created projects and professional development trainings for schools and universities that support my passion. In regards to my educational background; I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Tarleton State University 2002 with a degree in English. I quickly realized that my passion was working with children, so I obtained a teaching certificate. After teaching for ten years, I discovered that I have an even deeper passion for working with struggling readers and closing their literacy gaps. As a child. I was diagnosed with a reading disability, therefore I empathize with such struggles and want to support any and all literacy development. In 2014 I began the Master Reading Teacher program with Tarleton State University. Upon completion of the program, I was still hungry for knowledge- I wanted to learn everything I possibly could in regards to supporting struggling readers. I then began Tarleton’s Reading Specialist Master’s Program. I graduated from the program in 2016.I am always looking for the best literacy practices to share and implement with teachers. I am known to be a dedicated and loving Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach who works hard and volunteers to help further the education path of all students and teachers. My reward is to see students achieve success.