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Engaging all Students using a Math Workshop Structure

Engaging all Students using a Math Workshop Structure

Engaging all Students using a Math Workshop Structure, is facilitated by Jennifer Lempp, author of Math Workshop. This full-day live professional learning session will walk participants through the structures and the philosophy of a math workshop model of instruction. The session will highlight each component of the math workshop model and show how to implement this in the classroom. Participants will see for themselves how using a math workshop approach can help to decrease anxiety, increase engagement, and help teachers to differentiate in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Participants will: 

•Gain an understanding of what math workshop is and why it is supportive of learning for ALL students

•Explore how the components of math workshop provide the greatest opportunities for engagement and differentiation

•Reflect on current instructional practices in mathematics and identify connections to math workshop

Session Information


Thursday, April 11th, 2024

9:00AM CST- 3:00PM CST


Live at the Hurst Conference Center

with the option to join via Zoom

*Can't attend F2F or via Zoom- Recording will be sent to all who register, and will be available for ONE week, post workshop. *



Jennifer Lempp is the author of Math Workshop: Five Steps to Implementing Guided Math, Learning Stations, Reflection, and More. This book is a practical resource meant to support teachers with strategies and structures to help create a learning environment where students are engaged in purposeful mathematics experiences.

Jennifer consults with schools and districts around the country, providing professional development on mathematics content and instructional practices. Additionally, Jennifer supports school leaders on the development of mathematics professional learning and school improvement plans. She is also an experienced online educator and offers many virtual sessions for teachers and leaders. 

Jennifer has experience teaching at both the elementary and middle school levels. Additionally, she served as a math coach and district leader for many years. Jennifer is a Nationally Board-certified teacher in Early Adolescence mathematics, and in her 20+ years in education has found joy in the teaching of both students and teachers. 

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s in elementary and special education from Duquesne University and a Master’s degree in education from North Carolina Central University. She earned a K-8 Mathematics Specialist endorsement through her coursework at George Mason University and her Administration and Supervision certificate from Virginia Commonwealth University. She most recently earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Virginia. 

Jennifer’s goal is to ensure all students have positive mathematics experiences and that teachers have the tools to support all students in the area of mathematics. You can follow Jennifer Lempp on Twitter @Lempp5 and learn more about her and her work on her website:

     Shifting the Balance: Bringing the Science of Reading into the Upper Elementary Classroom

     Shifting the Balance: Bringing the Science of Reading into the Upper Elementary Classroom

It seems that talk about the science of reading and the call for changed practices in the literacy classroom is everywhere these days. But so much of this conversation has focused on beginning readers. If you’re an educator supporting upper elementary readers--or even younger readers who have grown beyond their peers--you’ve likely wondered, “What about us? What does the current body of research reveal about practices in intermediate classrooms?” 

In this workshop, a companion to, Shifting the Balance: 6 Ways to Bring the Science of Reading into the Balanced Literacy Classroom (Burkins & Yates), co-authors Katie Cunningham, Jan Burkins, and Kari Yates introduce six shifts for upper elementary teachers to consider as they work to make reading success more accessible for all students. Across the full-day workshop, the authors will zoom in on common practices that need reexamination, use scientific research to untangle misunderstandings related to those practices and offer brain-friendly, high-leverage instructional moves as an alternative.

Katie, Jan, and Kari know the overwhelm of the “where to start?” question. They’ve experienced the confusion of “who to believe” in a sometimes polarized and heated context. In response, they offer a refreshing approach that is respectful, accessible, and practical – grounded in an earnest commitment to building a bridge between research and classroom practice.

Session Information


Thursday, February 15th, 2024

9:00AM CST- 3:30PM CST



*Can't attend the virtual live session- Recording will be sent to all who register, and will be available for ONE week, post workshop. *



Jan Burkins

Dr. Jan Burkins was an elementary classroom teacher for seven years and a literacy coach for seven years. She has worked as a part-time assistant professor, a district literacy leader, and is currently a fulltime writer and consultant.

Katie Egan Cunningham

Dr. Katie Egan Cunningham has twenty years of experience as an educator in many different roles to support students and teachers including classroom teacher, literacy specialist, literacy consultant, and teacher educator. She's an Associate Professor, author, and speaker.

Kari Yates

Kari Yates is an author, speaker, consultant and staff developer with a passion for helping busy literacy educators thrive. Her experiences include classroom teacher, special education, Reading Recovery teacher, elementary principal and district literacy coordinator.